Are Angels Real? any belief system, we can gather information to support our belief – one way or the other.  So I’ll ask you – Are angels real? 

 They are as real – or unreal – as what you believe is or isn’t true.

Ultimately – you will be able to connect with the angels when you believe in them, instead of waiting to connect with them in order to believe in them.

We’ve all heard the saying “Seeing is believing”. Seeing simply gives you evidence, through one of your senses, of something being a certain way.  But how else do you see?

There is a teaching in A Course in Miracles, (Lesson 27):

“Above all else I want to see. Vision has no cost to me. It can only bless.”

It’s one of my favorite teachings. Why? Imagine being able to truly see – uncluttered by interpretations, stale old stories or loaded thoughts? Now that is what I call real freedom, real joy, real peace.

When we believe that we have within us, at this very moment, the ability to see clearly through all our senses, we cross the threshold to enlivening our life experience. And in the enlivening, we can initiate a wondrous relationship with our angels and guides.

I think I ways believed in angels either because of the images I saw of them as a child or an intuitive sense of them.  But as I grew into adulthood my thoughts about them dissipated into the cacophony of adult life. My curiosity re-emerged in my late 30’s and early 40’s when I was faced with daunting challenges in my life. And then something happened that stirred me so deeply and I had to explore the unseen world further.

The first time I had an Angel Intuitive reading I felt I was given another sensory perception. I not only had the ability to hear, see, smell, feel, taste but I also had an expanded capacity for insights and wisdom beyond my chronological years.

The key was placed in my hand. I slipped it timidly into the lock and opened the cosmic door to a magnificent resource.  I stepped through and there I began my journey to learn from these loving and infinitely wise entities. Little did I know that they had been there all my life, waiting patiently for my arrival to connect with them.

As I developed my relationship with the angels, thanks to the help of trusted guides, my life began to transform. I felt a connection beyond any I had known before. I felt love without judgment, authenticity without exposure, support without discipline, peace without turmoil.

So I return to our original question: Are angels real?  What do you believe?

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