Hanging Out with Zigzagging Thoughts

My musings on A Course in Miracles: Lesson 4 These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place]. To listen to the Lesson click the link below: http://jamestwyman.tv/lesson4.html I notice in the short time I have been awake on… [Read More]

Clueless and That’s a Good Thing

My musings on A Course In Miracles: Lesson 3: I do not understand anything I see in this room (on this street, from the window, in this place). To listen to the Lesson click the link below: http://jamestwyman.tv/3.html What is it to “understand” anything? Understanding is based on layering a new bit of information, interpretation… [Read More]

Giving Meaning to the Meaningless

My musings on A Course in Miracles 2015 Revival: Lesson 2 I have given everything I see in this room all the meaning it has for me. To listen to the Lesson click the link below: http://jamestwyman.tv/static/2.html Yep! Absolutely true! As I look around I find I have a story that goes with each object… [Read More]

Let’s Really Get to the Heart of Miracles!

I’m joining thousands of others in A Course In Miracles Revival led my James Twyman.  I did the course several years ago, and am re-embarking on this amazing voyage back into the heart of Miracles. It’s a powerful ‘stir’! Would you like to join me? Comment below and let’s start the dialogue for manifesting miracles!… [Read More]

Are Angels Real?

Like any belief system, we can gather information to support our belief – one way or the other.  So I’ll ask you – Are angels real?   They are as real – or unreal – as what you believe is or isn’t true. Ultimately – you will be able to connect with the angels when you… [Read More]

Finding Your Treasure Through the Questions You Ask

Did you ever notice that you’ve got a constant inflow of questions and responses going on in your mind? Pause for a moment and consider this: What questions do I tend to ask myself? Life is about continually seeking answers: what should I wear today? What’s for dinner? Did I remember to respond to them?… [Read More]

Flamboyant Joy

Splendid in their spirit. Playful in their purpose. Florescent in their feathers. Precise in their projectory. If you’ve ever watched a hummingbird, you see that they are laser-focused and intentional. They’re on a mission and they know how to get there. You can hear them coming and if you blink, you might miss seeing them… [Read More]