I Am That Now

Thank you for joining me in reflections of A Course in Miracles Revival.
Here is Lesson 40:

I am blessed as a Son of God.

To listen to the Lesson click the link below: http://jamestwyman.tv/lesson40.html

The mere suggestion that I am so blessed to be a Son (or Daughter) of God feels like coming home after a long trip away. No matter where I have traveled – to far off distant lands or in my home state – it always feels so good to come home. It’s that feeling of “ahhh, I’m home!”

As I contemplate the lesson I notice the familiar feeling awaken in me. Ahhh, I am blessed, no matter where I am. Ahhh, I am nurtured and supported as a Son (or Daughter) of God.  This knowing, now built on the foundation of the previous lessons, I am wrapped in the pure felt-sense of contentment and fulfillment.

As I approach my day, filled with numerous high priority tasks and activities that would normally cause me to feel stressed, I carry this sense of contentment and fulfillment. Immediately, I feel lighter, brighter, smarter, and happier. I notice that others pick up on this and together we are uplifted. It’s a delicious way to be – I am that now!

What does the lesson evoke in you? Comment below and let’s start the dialogue for manifesting miracles!

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