What is Your Definition of Health?

There’s a firehose of information about health soaking us with different approaches, practices, diets, detoxes, lifestyles plus technologies telling us how to be healthier, technologies that deplete us and others that protect us from the technologies that poison us.  We’re in the midst of a health revolution with billboards demanding our well-being. And the more… [Read More]

Clueless and That’s a Good Thing

My musings on A Course In Miracles: Lesson 3: I do not understand anything I see in this room (on this street, from the window, in this place). To listen to the Lesson click the link below: http://jamestwyman.tv/3.html What is it to “understand” anything? Understanding is based on layering a new bit of information, interpretation… [Read More]

Giving Meaning to the Meaningless

My musings on A Course in Miracles 2015 Revival: Lesson 2 I have given everything I see in this room all the meaning it has for me. To listen to the Lesson click the link below: http://jamestwyman.tv/static/2.html Yep! Absolutely true! As I look around I find I have a story that goes with each object… [Read More]

Let’s Really Get to the Heart of Miracles!

I’m joining thousands of others in A Course In Miracles Revival led my James Twyman.  I did the course several years ago, and am re-embarking on this amazing voyage back into the heart of Miracles. It’s a powerful ‘stir’! Would you like to join me? Comment below and let’s start the dialogue for manifesting miracles!… [Read More]