A true light worker, Lydia is a unique card reader in that she allows the person’s inner work to unfold and brings the person to his/her own conclusions. She guides the process with great love, care, selflessness and compassion without ever interfering with, nor deciding, what needs to emerge. Her sessions are deeply transformative and filled with the peace and wisdom she radiates so gracefully. I thoroughly recommend her work.

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S., Shaman, Astrologer to the Stars at the 78th Academy Awards
Best-selling author of Astrology for Enlightenment
With more than just information, more than just knowledge, Lydia brings wisdom gained from over 25 years of study and guiding. She has the unique ability to connect with the core issues and challenges that individuals face. Lydia brings new perspectives and practices and time honored insights. Seeing the positive transformation is a joy to behold.

W Mitchell
Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, former Mayor who “saved a mountain”, Author of It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do About It
Lydia is the One who I turn to when I feel the need to connect with an authentic being whom I can trust, and who intuitively guides me to listen to the intelligence of my heart. Through working with Lydia on numerous occasions over many years, I’ve understood the power of stepping into my vulnerability, which is the birthplace of truth, joy, hope, and love. Lydia helps me recognize my perceived fears, anxieties, and frustrations so I can redirect those emotions into a more positive outlook, productivity and increased vitality. Lydia listens and listens well. I find that after our transformative sessions together, I have renewed confidence to trust in my potential and to explore untapped realms of possibility. I feel blessed to have such an insightful ‘light-being’ in my life.

Amanda Boxtel, Professional Speaker & Executive Director
Bridging Bionics Foundation
I've worked with Lydia for over 15 years and found her to be one of the most talented, caring, experienced resources whether coaching executives or training front-line employees. As a coach, she provides a safe sanctuary by elegantly guiding people and organizations to find clarity in places that are sometimes scary, conflicted or hard to reach. She is also highly skilled in organizing and designing leadership conferences along with educational curricula. Her commitment to the highest standards of excellence coupled with her heart-centered inner guidance system make her a game-changing resource!

Greg Cortopassi, Entrepreneur, Professional Educator, Personal and Organizational Catalyst
Catalyst Training Services
Lydia is incredible. Very insightful reading on where I am today and what is in store for the future. I was looking for some guidance and Lydia's reading proved to be unbelievably helpful. Thanks Lydia!

Jerrie Berning, VP Learning and Development
WJ Bradley
I had known Lydia as a deeply spiritual person and when she offered me an angel card reading I felt like I needed a bigger picture of my life from someone who is connected to the world I admire. It was also very timely.

The session started with a short meditation that took me straight to that place where I felt comfortable and loved (I was able to retain this feeling long after the session). Lydia is a very intuitive mediator and it felt just right when we stopped the meditation and began the card reading.

I told Lydia what was on my mind and in what areas I needed clarification. The cards were laid, some fell out by themselves bringing their urgent messages. Lydia's interpretation was insightful and encouraging and enabled me to make some decisions there and then. I felt a blissful touch and peace. I came out with a definite plan for action.

Lydia has a wonderful gift and generously shares her pure heart with others. It was an angelic experience that connected me with myself. Thank you!

Tatiana S.
United Kingdom