The Magic Trick That Will Space You Out

My musings on A Course In Miracles: Day 6

I am upset because I see something that is not there.

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The Magic Trick That Will Space You OutThis lesson reminds us that “there are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.”

When I am angry, worried or triggered by something in my world, it is often because I think that something is different from what I think it SHOULD be. I have set up an expectation and when it is not met, upset results. But alas – expectation is really just a thought – it is not real. It has no shape or form. I made it up based on some conditioning or pattern or belief.

I imagine the expectation disappearing – with the wave of a magician’s red silk scarf. POOF – it’s gone! What’s left is space – nothingness – it’s not there.

Does my upset disappear too? Only if I am unattached to the expectation. So the real magic trick is to disassociate from my expectation – the thought – and allow peace back into my mind.

What does the lesson evoke in you? Comment below and let’s start the dialogue for manifesting miracles!

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