Transforming Alone-ness into Connection

Thank you for joining me in reflections of A Course in Miracles Revival.

Here is Lesson 41:

God goes with me everywhere I go.

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stockvault-bootprint-in-the-sand166638Several years ago I took a trip to France and Italy retracing the path of Mary Magdalene. For the five week adventure, I brought a carry-on suitcase, backpack and a pocket full of courage. And off I went on a solo journey.  I met up with a group for part of the time, but the majority of it I was a single woman discovering and experiencing ancient wonders.

I often hear people exclaim “WOW, you did that all by yourself?!” Yes, I did, but I wasn’t by myself for a single moment.

It was a spiritual pilgrimage – a journey into a deeper connection with Spirit, God, and the Angels. I felt a strong pull like a magnet in my heart pulling me toward another magnet yet to be discovered.

I believe that magnetic pull was Love. The pure, unencumbered Love bestowed upon me through Divine grace from God.  Yes, God was with me everywhere I went.

When I returned to my contemporary life, I thought the blissful experience would automatically stay with me, no matter what the circumstances. But there are times in my daily life where I get disconnected. Where the pull is interrupted. Usually, it’s due to being over-scheduled or feeling stressed out or getting distracted from my soul’s purpose.

The magic trick I have found to get me back on course, back on my purpose is first – to BREATHE. New air in – old air out.

Then connect with my heart – and truly listen – listen with my heart.

And there I reconnect with Spirit, God, and the Angels.  And there I am never alone. It is in that re-connection that I blossom. I am transformed and able to do my work in the world with refreshed vitality and joy.

How about you? Imagine: what would it feel like to know that you are never alone? That God goes with you everywhere you go?

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